TombReader design

Since last post we have created an alpha-version of TombReader which we tested on several Android devices. This months progress has been mainly on optimizing the speed of TombReader to make it run smooth, while still being able to recognize the objects in real-time. The layout of TombReader can be seen in the image belowdesign

  1. Startup screen with the option to gather addition information about the objects, or to start the Quest edition (not yet implemented).
  2. Simply point the camera to an object to start the recognition.
  3. When TombReader sees an object, but is not yet sure what kind of object it is, it will display an eye-indication. Hold the camera still to complete the recognition.
  4. When TombReader is confident about the object in front of the camera, it will display an overlay with some of the additional information.
  5. When clicking on the overlay, all of the available information is shown, including related photo’s.

The following months I’ve been given the opportunity to develop another App in collaboration with the HvA. To take this job means that I will start working on this App for the following two months and won’t be able to develop TombReader as actively as I used to. But don’t worry, TombReader will be released before Christmas!