Monthly Archives: May 2014

Towards building the App

Since last posts, we have gathered approximately 2000 images from 29 objects in the Allard Pierson museum. The reason for collecting that many images is such that the system will be able to recognise the objects from all angles and various distances. Different from our biological ability to capture the visual essence of an object after seeing it only once, computers need more data to perform this task. They simply don’t know what the object will look like when you turn the camera a bit.

By now I can happily announce that we have decided on an algorithm to classify the objects. On our test database this algorithm was able to classify 96% of the images correctly, which is enough for the final App.

Therefore, most of the research is finished, meaning that I can now fully focus on actually building the App!build_3d

First month

It’s been one month already, and during this time I’ve collected a dataset from the objects found in the Allard Pierson museum. This dataset consists of pictures from the objects from all angles, and is used to train the computer such that it will be able to recognise these objects when you take a picture of them.

Based on the objects from the Allard Pierson museum we can conclude that it will be much more beneficial to move away from the individual hieroglyph recognition, and focus more on detecting the objects as a whole. This brings a few advantages such as a higher classification rate and real-time classification, which means that the App will recognise the object as soon as it appears in front of the camera.

Currently, one of the most promising methods for this task is based on an Artificial Neural Network, which tries to mimic the behaviour of real brain cells. Much research has been conducted in this particular field of study, as a biological brain is still the most advanced phenomenon when it comes to recognising visual input.

The main focus for now lies with training the method with the images from the Allard Pierson museum and insert all that knowledge on your smartphone!Learning